After the end of the car crane operation to pay attention to what is completed

- Nov 14, 2017 -

1, remove the goods, the hook should be raised to close to the height of the limit position, the resumption of wire rope.

2, electromagnetic suction cups and grab cranes, suction cups or grab bucket should be placed on the ground, not suspended in the air;

3, all the controller handle should be back to 0, the emergency switch to turn off the circuit, pull down the protection cabinet knife Switch, close the driver room door after the car.

4, the crane car parked in the main beam away from the end of the vehicle slip line, not to be placed across the middle;

5, the open-air work of the car crane, especially the cart, should take measures to secure, in case the wind blows away.

6. The driver should check with the crane at the end of the day, and record the problem and check in the work in the handover book and give it to the successor.


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