Analysis on five major areas of special automobile industry development in China

- Nov 14, 2017 -

China Automobile Industry Association Special Vehicle Branch Chairman, Secretary General Wang Jinmin 24th said. China's special-purpose vehicles will maintain rapid development in the future for some time. In particular, the five categories of highway vehicles, rural construction vehicles, airport vehicles, oilfield vehicles and life services will become the key areas of special vehicle development in China. Wang Jinmin in 2010 China Special Automobile Industry Development International Forum, introduced in the last decade, China's special-purpose car developed rapidly, the production of special-purpose vehicles from 2000 to 180,000 to 2009 1.64 million, the number of special-purpose cars from 2000 to 1337 to the present about 5,000, which van , tank-type vehicles, special structural vehicles, special dump truck varieties developed faster.

At present, domestic infrastructure construction is still an important means to maintain economic growth in China, Wang Jinmin believes that the huge infrastructure construction project will bring great demand space and market increment to our country's engineering special-purpose vehicle, especially the total amount of highway construction is still huge, drive construction vehicle of highway, maintain special operation vehicle of Highway, The rapid development of highway operation vehicles, the total energy consumption of the country is huge, and the transportation of energy materials will also enlarge the total demand of special vehicles.

At the same time, the rural process is the development direction of the country, the improvement of rural function, the construction, sanitation, landscape, electricity, communications, public security, justice, airport, finance and various types of commercial transport and other urban construction and services of special vehicles will produce greater demand. The rapid development of the logistics industry will also greatly promote the rapid development of car, heat preservation, refrigerated car, semi-trailer car and other Liangshan trailer special vehicle.

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