Considerations for Tractor Truck

- Nov 14, 2017 -

When turning attention to the blind spot there are no pedestrians, especially riding the battery, silent suddenly appear. The tires must be checked before traveling.

Reversing when the direction is reversed, slow play slow back, the amplitude not too big, eye view of the Liu ears not panic.

If you're out of town, check that the vehicle must be inspected. Including: half axle screw drive of vehicle screw horn light tyre pressure These are the things that have to be compared with the accident.

Driving in the attention not to move the steering wheel because the body is relatively large and dynamic words may occur side turn more to pay attention to try to play the extra space to the tail can not be difficult to easily jilt people

Do not use the "first off the brakes" approach to brake running-in. Although this can reduce the impact of braking on the engine, but may be dangerous, and once the habit is more bad. Finally, the company reminded you that the new car during running-in should often check engine oil, coolant, battery electrolyte adequacy, found that the lack of must be supplemented in a timely manner. To meet the requirements of the manufacturer after the mileage, to the service station to carry out the first inspection and maintenance of vehicles, the replacement of oil, machine filtration, and comprehensive inspection of the chassis system. Finished the first insurance, is equal to the trailer smoothly through the running-in period, from now on can better serve you.

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