Dump truck maintenance Big different minutes let you become a car-raising talent

- Nov 14, 2017 -

The main difference between dump truck and general vehicle is lifting function, hydraulic cylinder is very important, so the inspection of hydraulic system is very importance.

(1) Check the hydraulic oil volume of dump truck, if there is insufficient time to supplement, check whether the hydraulic system is damaged or leaking, if necessary timely treatment;

(2) To pay attention to and check the unloading hydraulic cylinder support, connecting rod mechanism and other components of the connection and fastening is reliable. Observe whether the moving parts and their adjacent fixtures have abnormal damage or deformation;

(3) Check the good condition of dump truck, accessory frame, spare rack, etc., especially to check whether the weld seam has open welding and crack phenomenon;

(4) Check the work or wear condition of the moving parts such as the gear pump, the power picker and the hydraulic cylinder of the dump truck, and carry out the maintenance, repair and replacement of the easy-damaged parts.

Dump truck maintenance Big different minutes let you become a car-raising talent

In addition, the day-to-day maintenance is also very important, every week or 50 hours after each work to check the following items from the dump truck: Check all the gas road, oil circuit leakage, timely replacement of the damaged hose; Check the valve on the vehicle, the hydraulic cylinder is dirty, if so, need to clean, the injection point must be injected once to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle, check the mat wood, pad block or rubber pad, such as aging must be replaced in a timely manner.

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