Heavy truck dealers ready for a protracted war

- Nov 14, 2017 -

According to the China Automobile Industry Association Statistics, in the first quarter of this year, heavy trucks (including incomplete vehicles, semi-trailer tractor) production and marketing 299,436 and 290,361 vehicles, year-on-year growth of 8.2% and 8.4% respectively, production and sales rate of 96.97%. But in the eyes of many heavy card dealers, the market is not so good. March-May is the traditional season, now April is over, the market performance? The Lemon Tea House invited 3 dealers from heavy-truck sales to talk about the April heavy truck market.

Li Xingguo: Chairman of Jinan Fuhua Dragon Industry Co., Ltd.

Zhang Wenshan: Deputy general manager of Hebei Tong Li Auto Trading Co., Ltd

Guo Kili: Chairman of Chifeng Weilong Automobile Trading Co., Ltd.

Moderator: Not long ago, I heard the saying: "This time last year dealers busy selling cars, this year is the user busy selling cars-because the sports car does not make money, can only transfer the car." is the market so bad? What is the sales situation in April?

Li Xingguo: The situation in April this year is far worse than it was last year. In fact, from the end of the year to now, the tractor market has not been hot, the same period last year, the best sales of tractors, a time when a queue snapped up the situation.

But the situation in April this year is slightly better than March. March sales are not good, because of the March 1 Transport Department implementation of the fuel consumption policy, many cars can not be operating permits, many users back to the car, there are some more exciting users in the storefront door, but now this situation is very small.

April we sold more than 80 vehicles, mainly concentrated in the Jinan area. Each year March-May is the golden period of sales, the 3 months, the monthly sales are around 250 vehicles. In fact, even in peacetime, we have more than 100 months of sales, we can see this year's market is really bad.

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