Heavy Truck Market Survey

- Nov 14, 2017 -

"Yili Heavy Truck market sales of 60% are engineering vehicles, engineering vehicle annual sales of about 400, mostly in the mining area." Medium and heavy vehicles used for road construction, dry works, mining mainly heavy trucks. Ili production of wheat, oil, soybeans and other agricultural products, agricultural transport mainly with light cards, in the card, but the volume is small. Special-purpose vehicles, users buy bulk cement transport trucks, particulate transport vehicles, concrete mixer trucks. In terms of engine power, Yili users prefer high-powered engines, 5.8-metre vehicles with 340-horsepower engines, 8-metre vehicles with 375 or 380 horsepower engines, and more Weichai. In the brand, Shaanxi Steam in the Yili area, heavy steam, Dongfeng are relatively few. "Yili's heavy card dealer Li (a pseudonym) told the commercial Car news:" Yili's water conservancy construction, such as hydroelectric power station, farmland construction of the vehicle also has a greater demand, in recent years Yili to build more than 10 hydroelectric power stations, the demand for vehicles is about 300. ”

Yili is the bridgehead of the Eurasian Bridge. In road transport, Chinese vehicles can be directly to Central Asian countries, such as Kazakhstan's Almaty and Kyrgyzstan, the other side of the country's vehicles can also come to China, even open to the mainland of China. However, the cross-border transport of vehicles need to do formalities, now has a special foreign-related vehicle licence, the licence itself is not expensive, is not good to handle, the examination and approval is more stringent. In the export aspect, the heavy steam, the liberation did quite well. Li said.

When it comes to the characteristics of the Ili heavy truck market, Li said: "Yili users buy what car mainly to get what contract, what kind of work for reference." Ili users buy cars have a purpose, what to do to buy a car, instead of buying a car and then to contact the job. The loan buys the car the user to be many, occupies $number. Shaanxi Auto in Yili has $number inventory car, estimated this year, Shaanxi Auto sales can reach $number vehicles, and we have more than 10 inventory vehicles, very nervous. ”

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