Maintenance and repair of tipper

- Nov 14, 2017 -

(1) Dump truck high-pressure hose must be replaced every two years, if the discovery hose cracking damage or local expansion should be replaced in a timely manner;

(2) The dumping mechanism of dump truck should be checked regularly to see if there is leaking gas leakage. When filling hydraulic oil, should check installed in the refueling outlet of the screen is damaged, when necessary, to avoid impurities, so that hydraulic components accelerated wear or early damage. It is prohibited to mix and raise hydraulic oil with different grades and not to meet the requirements of the specification.

(3) It is necessary to check the meshing and separating of the tipper and gear pump regularly to avoid the accident lifting. Working condition, should also pay attention to whether the vehicle has abnormal noise or excessive temperature and other unusual phenomena, such as the need for timely removal, to avoid the power picker, gear pump, valve class, such as premature damage.

(4) Repair dump truck, to check the hydraulic cylinder piston rod face, see if there is a touch, scratches and other phenomena, if there is timely repair or replacement, otherwise the hydraulic oil cylinder performance will be significantly reduced.

(5) Check the reliability of the locking mechanism of the rear compartment plate of tipper, and adjust to a reasonable automatic open, closed angle, to prevent the rear compartment plate accidentally open or lift when the failure to open the situation caused the accident; when dumping large chunks of material, the rear compartment plate should be removed to avoid crashing the rear compartment plate.

(6) Repair dump truck, should pay attention to clean, prevent debris into the hydraulic system, in order to avoid the occurrence of wear components, plug valves and other conditions caused the performance decline.

(7) If the dump-type garbage truck for a long time to stop use, the new car should be used before the inspection of the content to be eligible for reuse.

(8) to often check the chassis car beam and vice frame connection is reliable, U-type bolts and shear iron is loose, pad, pad or pad block is fixed firmly, if there is loose and dislocation, must be given to fastening and resetting.

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