Semi-trailer Market competition fierce purchase heavy price also heavy service

- Nov 14, 2017 -

Since this year, the heavy truck market continues to heat up, tractors have become the main driving force in the market sales. In this favor, the tractor mass influx of domestic freight market, the whole freight market to bring more intense competition. Some tractor users complained: "It's hard to make a profit by running too much." ”

Forced by the situation, truck users are more than all the ideological drive, resolutely to the whole car moved awry, the deletion of the deleted, can reduce the reduction, such as large tons of small superscript, modified driving license approved ton number of phenomena occurred repeatedly. Trailers have also been identified by some tractor users can be rigged, so that the illegal modification of enterprises opportunity. According to a tractor user, it is "Everything is for life".

May 27, "Commercial car News" reporter visited Beijing new land wholesale market for agricultural products and Hanlong Logistics Center, learned that there are some trailers in the country illegally modified enterprises, but users will not consider buying basic. For the perennial freight users, the illegal modification of the enterprise's products can not reassure them, but not excluding some for the sake of more profitable users interested.

According to the "commercial car News" reporter statistics, Hanlong Logistics center of the tractor, the regular manufacturers of semi-trailer has 1, is a half trailer in Anhui, not marked the brand of semi-trailer has 2, the remaining 2 are in the middle set brand semi-trailer.

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