Tank truck structure

- Nov 12, 2018 -

      Tank trucks are usually single warehouses, which are divided into anti-wave boards. The oil storage double tank is a tank. The partition is divided into two separate chambers and oils with different substances.

1. What is a double warehouse?

       Double warehouses are some customers who require manufacturers to separate the tanks of the vehicles. Then the manufacturer adjusts the structure of the tanks and welds a dead partition (also called a wave board) inside the tank. Divided into two warehouses, commonly known as double warehouses.

2. What kind of vehicle is suitable for double warehouse?

      As the name suggests, the tanker double warehouse is divided into two tanks and turned into double tanks. Generally, the tanks with a tank volume of 11 squares and 11 or more are the most suitable for warehouses. Two points: First, if the tank volume is small, the bin will cause the price of the tanker to rise: Second, if the tank volume is small, it is necessary to install a dead partition in the tank to occupy a certain proportion of space, resulting in a certain proportion of space. The oil tonnage is reduced.

4. Is the double warehouse suitable for those people?

      The average customer wants to separate the tanks of the tanker. They want to pull two different oils, one is gasoline and the other is diesel. For customers who only pull one type of oil, it is best not to separate the warehouse.

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