The world's largest dump truck is worth 6 million dollars.

- Nov 14, 2017 -

The largest dump truck in the world

Price 6 million Knives

The world's largest dump truck BELAZ-75710

The production capacity of the new machine is 4.5 million tons

The total weight of the car is 810 tons

The conductor is 20.6 meters wide, 9.87 meters high and 8.165 meters tall.

The wheelbase reached an astonishing 8 meters

This wheelbase is about 1.8 meters longer than Maybach 62.

Turning radius 20 meters

Short distance can load 496 tons

Long distances can be about 450 tons.

A tire weighs 5 tons.

Tires higher than 4 m (4.03 m)

Minimum 102 tons per tyre

There are 8 of these tires.

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