Tractor Truck Maintenance Common sense

- Nov 14, 2017 -

Semi-trailer for summer maintenance must first notice the rainy season to prevent sliding. Semi-trailer driving skid In addition to the driver has good driving habits and skills, brake and tire maintenance is also the key to the safety of the road, so in the day-to-day use must pay attention to maintenance. The maintenance can follow the steps below.

(1) Body wax seal glaze. The acidic components in rainwater have a strong corrosion on automobile coatings. Therefore, it is better to bring the beauty of the car surface during the rainy season.

(2) Rust-proof chassis. In addition to the paint, the chassis is close to the ground, easy to corrode, so we must pay attention to vehicle chassis cleaning and anti-rust treatment.

(3) the trailer disinfection. During the rainy season, the interior of the vehicle is cleaned to avoid all kinds of germs.

(4) Check the circuit in time. The rainy season should always check the electrical system of the vehicle to avoid leakage failure.

(5) Regular heating. Open the heater to bake inside mold. When the sun can stop in the sun exposed in the sun, open the window and let the air convection.

Regular semi-trailer maintenance can effectively prolong the service life of semi-trailer, which is necessary for safe driving.

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