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Jinan Huawo Heavy Duty Truck Trade Co.,Ltd

Add: No.10th, Tianqiao District Industrial Park, Jinan district, Shandong Province, China

Tel: +86-531-85583372

Fax: +86-531-81266128

E-mail: sales@huawotruck.com

Our main markets are:

1.Western Africa(Nigeria,Ghana etc) we exported 150units trucks and 3.2 millions spare parts every year  

2.Eastern Africa(Ethiopia,Tanzania etc) we exported  500units trucks and 4.5 millions spare parts  

3.Southeast Asia(Philippines,Indonesia etc) we exported  400 units trucks and 3.6 millions spare parts every year.

We have established three overseas companies in Uganda, Rwanda and Djibouti. we have also dispatched China engineers there for after-sale maintenance, could service for you at first time when there is any truck accident. Save time and money for you!