Daily Maintenance And Maintenance Of Tanker

- Nov 14, 2017 -

1, carrying the driving part of the oil tank, popular parlance is the car chassis. The general driver of this piece of more expert, the problem is that after the oil tanker loading pump, we have installed the drive shaft, the power picker, with these 2 devices we need special attention in operation, improper operation of the power picker is scrapped.

2, the use of oil pumps and maintenance, please strictly according to its use of the maintenance manual, with the car with a manual.

3, refueling machine use and maintenance, please strictly according to its use manual execution, with the car are equipped with a manual.

4, the oil is slow, the oil is not hit, please check the safety valve, strainer net. These should be checked and cleaned regularly.

5. Oil tank and piping system should be cleaned regularly. Regular inspection of the piping system joints are good, sealed reliable.

6, in order to ensure that the oil tank cleaning, oil tanks and oil transportation system should be regularly cleaned, oil and gas pipes at both ends of the internal and external joints should be coated with lubricating oil, disassembly easy and convenient. Every time after the completion of the tubing, should be in time to build up and export the outer end cover (cover), oil hose ends (cover) to ensure that the tube clean.

7, the load of oil should not exceed the rated load quality. (converted by oil density).

8, the ball valve through the media should not be dirty to protect the seal ring, improve the life of the ball valve, the ball valve is not suitable for a long time in half off the state of work, otherwise easy to make the seal ring metamorphism, in the driving ball valve handle should be in the closed state.

9, into the pump network should often wash and wash, in order to prevent the blockage of the filter net, affect the flow.

10, the breathing valve should be kept clean, so that breathing valve in the working state, the valve inside the spring should not be arbitrarily replaced, so as not to affect the effect of suction, degassing. When the breathing valve is blocked, it is dangerous to deform the tank.

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