Installation Method Of Tank Truck

- Nov 14, 2017 -

Installed in the chassis metal parts can! For a period of time, the bottom part of the wear, you can put the rubber belt down some!

Conditional user can install electrostatic grounding alarm for tanker

Under the high-voltage wire, it is prohibited to add fuel to the tanker.

It is forbidden to use the method of hanging fire frequently. Sometimes the car spark plugs will accumulate charcoal, when a cylinder of the carbon is serious, the cylinder will not work properly, in order to make the cylinder normal operation, the use of the cylinder outside the "hanging Fire" method (the spark plug and high voltage between the 3 mm-4 mm gap) to improve the spark plug electrode fire energy, so that the cylinder resumed work, but the general "hanging Fire" The method is easy to fall off without noticing. If the cylinder is dripping with petrol, it is very easy to fire. Therefore, it is only a temporary remedial measure. The correct treatment should be timely cleaning and maintenance of spark plugs, as far as possible to avoid the use of "hanging Fire" method. Preparation of tanker before use

1, the conductive rod into the ground, so that the "grounding", if the connection is located in dry, can be watered to make it moist, to ensure good grounding. Check the link to make it contact with the ground.

2, open the Oil vehicle control box door, check each valve handle, make it in the closed state (vertical position).

3, the first use of oil pumps, pumps without the introduction of oils, should be in advance refueling, through the inlet to add oil 10 liters.

4. Check the lubricating oil surface in the gearbox to Sosecon the bottom edge of the oil surface and add gear oil when insufficient.

5. Check the gearbox joystick to make it in neutral position, check the position of the handle of the Force box, make it to the horizontal right position, check the throttle controller, make it the smallest.

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