Maintenance Of Tanker

- Nov 14, 2017 -

Some people think that tanker maintenance is to change oil, which is very one-sided, it is not right. Tanker maintenance is a broad concept, including the replacement and cleaning of oil and filter for engine systems (oil, gear oil, brake oil, self-change oil, power oil, glass water, battery water, machine filter, vapor filter, air filter, air conditioning filter, etc., the replacement and maintenance of vulnerable parts such as belts, batteries, brake pads, ball heads, clutch pieces, Shock absorber and so on, tanker beauty (car wash, external paint care, interior decoration, etc.).

Normal tanker maintenance can maintain the performance of the vehicle and prolong its service life. The introduction of the oil tanker is easy to wear parts of the maintenance, is how to check, replace maintenance, while in the maintenance of the found vulnerable parts of what phenomenon and these phenomena show what the car problem.

The problem that driver friend should pay attention to in the course of driving oil tanker:

① tanker in the driving inspection of the work of the instrument;

Whether the steering system is working normally in the ② tanker;

It is not normal for ③ tanker to check hand and foot brake in driving.

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