Standard For Classification Of Dump Trucks

- Nov 14, 2017 -

1. According to the brand classification:

Dongfeng Dump Truck, Jiefang dump truck, Auman dump truck, heavy duty truck tipper, Hongyan dump truck, heavy-duty auto dump truck, Shaanxi Auto Tipper, Winpower tipper

2 Classification by Shape:

Danchao dump truck, double bridge dump truck, flat head dump truck, Tip dump truck, the first four after eight dump truck, double axle half hanging dump truck, three Bridges semi-trailer dump truck

3. By type:

Small Overlord dump truck, Dolika dump truck, 140 dump truck, 145 dump truck, 153 dump truck, 1208 dump truck, small Jingang dump truck, King Kong Dump truck

4. According to the lift hydraulic cylinder and the Carriage link form classification:

Straight-push tilting mechanism;

5. Classification by Purpose:

Agricultural dump truck, mine dump truck, garbage dump truck, coal transport dump truck,

Construction Machinery Dump truck, sludge dump truck

6, according to the driving mode of different also divided into 6x4,8x4 dump truck and semi-trailer dump truck.

7, according to the different uses also divides into the mine dump truck, uses in the transportation coal mine, the sand and gravel, the sanitation greening dump truck, uses in transporting the rubbish and so on.

8, according to the direction of the car rolling, and the front-lift and flip-flop dump. At present, there are two-way rollover dump truck, mainly used in construction.

At present, the domestic production of dump truck manufacturers more famous has China heavy-duty jining commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., China Tong Group Special Vehicle Co., Ltd., Hubei Huawei Special Automobile Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Heavy Automobile Co., Ltd.

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