Tank Truck Operation

- Nov 14, 2017 -

1, in order to ensure that the tanker clean, oil tanks and oil transportation system should be cleaned regularly, oil and gas pipes at both ends of the internal and external joints should be applied regularly lubricating oil, tanker disassembly easy and convenient. After each work, the tubing is cleaned up in time to ensure the tube is clean!

2, tanker oil pump use and maintenance, in strict accordance with its use of maintenance manual implementation!

3, refueling before the operation, must be used to avoid the pole into the humid land, the oil tanker should ground the tape, the operation process should always maintain good electrostatic conduction!

4, oil tanker safety valve, filter network should be regularly inspected and cleaned!

5. Oil tank and piping system should be cleaned regularly. Regular inspection of the pipeline system joints are well connected, reliable seal!

6: Tanker should be installed in accordance with the specification of electrostatic belt, when electrostatic encounter in the car residual concentration of very high combustible gas, exploded, electrostatic belt for car body, such as frequent friction, very easy to produce electrostatic space can effectively go out electrostatic hazard, to ensure that the body is not harmed.

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