Type Of Tanker

- Nov 14, 2017 -

Tanker (oil tank truck): According to the transport medium, configuration and various places called different, there are a variety of different appellation, such as: oil tanker, tank tanker, oil tanker, fuel truck, pull oil, mobile refueling vehicles, tax-controlled refueling vehicles, computer refueling vehicles, diesel transport vehicles, petrol transport vehicles, coal tar transport vehicles, Lubricating oil transporters, edible oil transporters, crude oil transporters, heavy oil transporters, tanker trucks, etc.

According to its appearance, tanker can be divided into: flat-head tanker, pointed tanker, block tanker, single-axle tanker, rear-axle tanker, double-car, dual-rear truck, light tanker, small tanker, medium tanker, large tanker, semi-trailer oil truck, mini-tank tanker, the first two after the single tanker, the first four after four tanker, The first four after eight tanker and so on.

Tanker according to the brand, can be divided into: Yuejin tanker, Dongfeng Oil tanker, Jiefang tanker, Futian tanker, heavy petrol tanker, Auman tanker, North Tanker, Jianghuai tanker, Shaanxi petrol tanker, Hualing tanker, Isuzu Tanker, Kyung-ling tanker, Jiangling tanker, Hongyan tanker and so on.

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